Master Data Management

Today’s organizations have systems that span many geographies and many business functions. The locked-down monoliths of the past have been replaced by widely dispersed servers that talk to each other, both across the enterprise and with partners, customers and vendors around the globe. This new and quickly changing landscape creates challenges where systems are now required to share resources with a wide variety of other systems making Master Data Management(MDM) more important than ever before.

It is common to consider master data as an organization’s core business objects and classifications that describe overall business information. It needs to be managed, distributed and its access controlled, but most of all it all needs to be consistent across the enterprise and that means establishing a common set of people, processes and technologies.

MDM is as much a discipline that needs to be instilled into the culture of an organization as it is a technical solution that can be implemented and run by IT staff. The establishment of business processes to manage the creation, amendment and harmonization of “shared” data is not something that can be driven by technology alone.

Businesses depend on reliable master data, a set of core information about customers, products, employees, materials and suppliers.

Ojasin’s technology and industry experts offer help at every stage of a MDM program, from forming a strategy to implementing technology and new processes.

Ojasin helps ensure that decision makers work from a single version of the truth by improving data quality and reduce data duplication.

After the initial implementation, MDM must continue to be an active discipline throughout your organization. Ojasin optimizes the effectiveness of your MDM operations by helping you to establish on-going data governance processes and data stewardship resources.

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